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Nov 12, 2015NetApp StorageGRID Webscale Object Storage SoftwareDatasheet
NetApp StorageGRID Webscale Object Storage Software - enterprise-grade object storage software for large archives, media repositories, and web datastores
Jun 10, 2015E-Series SAP Integration Certification DocumentTechnical Report
This is a document from SAP that certifies NetApp E-Series works with SAP HANA.
May 20, 2015NetApp EF560 Flash Arrays for SQL ServerAnalyst Report
This ESG Lab Report documents the real-world performance of NetApp EF560 flash array in Microsoft SQL Server database environments
May 01, 2015How Cloud-Integrated Storage for Backup Boosts Efficiency, Lowers CostsWhite Paper
This infographic highlights the benefits of cloud-integrated storage for backup
May 01, 2015Cloud-Integrated Storage: Save Money and Drive Backup EfficiencyWhite Paper
This e-book explains how organizations can benefit from cloud-integrated storage for backup
May 01, 2015TR-4260: NetApp Architecture for SplunkTechnical Report
This technical report describes the integrated architecture of NetApp® and Splunk. Optimized for node storage balance, reliability, performance, and storage capacity and density, this design employs the managed DAS model, with higher scalability and lower TCO. In addition, this document ...
Apr 27, 2015FlexPod Datacenter and Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Security | NVA-0014-DEPLOYTechnical Report
Cisco and NetApp have partnered to deliver FlexPod®, which uses best-of-class storage, server, and network components that serve as the foundation for a variety of workloads, enabling efficient architectural designs that can be quickly and confidently deployed.
Mar 01, 2015Powering Applications from the Data Center to the EdgeDatasheet
Deploy an ultra-simplified yet powerful solution for remote and branch environments with few or no IT staff members available to run and manage your infrastructure.
Feb 01, 2015NetApp EF560 Flash Arrays for OracleAnalyst Report
This ESG Lab Report documents the real-world performance of the NetApp EF560 flash array in Oracle database environments
Jan 16, 2015TR-4369: Best Practices Guide for Microsoft SQL Server and SnapManager 7.2 ...Technical Report
This best practices guide intends to help storage administrators and database administrators successfully deploy Microsoft SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008, and 2005 on NetApp storage using NetApp SnapManager 7.2 technology for Microsoft SQL Server.
Results 1 - 10 of 101