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Jun 11, 2015NDMP in Clustered Data ONTAP for Tape Backup Software Applications | TR-4376Technical Report
The Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) developed by NetApp is used for controlling backup services to NAS devices. NDMP allows data to be transferred between storage devices and backup targets and reduces the load on the backup server. With NDMP, network file servers can communicate directly...
Jun 10, 2015TR-4429: FPolicy Solution Guide for Clustered Data ONTAP: Varonis DatAdvantageTechnical Report
The purpose of this document is to provide an understanding of FPolicy and describe the steps needed to deploy a file-access auditing solution by using the data-governance software Varonis DatAdvantage. The scope of the document encompasses the deployment steps and best practices for this solution.
May 28, 2015TR-4393: Clustered Data ONTAP Security GuidanceTechnical Report
This document provides a set of practical recommendations and best practices to enhance the security of a clustered Data ONTAP system. It focuses on securing the system itself by focusing on administrative interfaces and services, and is intended to reinforce the integrity and availability of a ...
May 27, 2015Blach Construction Cuts IT Costs and Improves Bottom Line in Competitive ...Customer Story
Blach Construction cuts IT costs and improves bottom line with NetApp AltaVault and Amazon S3
May 27, 2015WP-7216: SAP Applications Built on NetAppWhite Paper
Starting with clustered Data ONTAP® as the basis for infrastructure solutions such as FlexPod®, this paper lists important use cases, including backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and SAP system copies.
May 27, 2015TR-3107: Antivirus Scanning Best Practices GuideTechnical Report
Antivirus scanning is a must-have feature in Windows File Services deployments. NetApp provides this functionality to its customers by partnering with various premium antivirus product vendors. The administrator can control the behavior of the virus scanning mechanism from the NetApp® interface ...
May 26, 2015Toei AnimationCustomer Story
NetApp EF550 dramatically enhances web pages for animation, product information, and e-commerce. Its performance can easily support heavy traffic from around the world.
May 26, 2015Securely Back Up and Archive Medical Images and Data in the Cloud – Boost ...Datasheet
NetApp AltaVault securely backs up and archives medical images and data in the cloud.
May 21, 2015IDC Technology Spotlight: Using the Cloud to Deliver Data ProtectionAnalyst Report
Data protection is one of the primary use cases for cloud storage. This paper examines trends regarding cloud backup and data protection and how NetApp's SnapProtect backup management software and AltaVault cloud-integrated storage can play a role in simplifying the effort.
May 13, 2015Wright-Pierce Finds NetApp AltaVault Solution and Amazon S3 Data Storage Cost...Customer Story
Wright-Pierce is an award-winning engineering firm specializing in water, wastewater, and infrastructure services for public and private clients. The firm is employee-owned, with 200 engineers and support professionals located in 7 offices.
Results 1 - 10 of 1787