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Jun 26, 2015Performance Efficiency in Consolidated Application-driven EnvironmentsAnalyst Report
ESG Lab Validation for E2700 and E5600
Jun 25, 2015Transform Application Development with NetApp and ApprendaDatasheet
NetApp and Apprenda deliver a fully integrated, enterprise-grade platform as a service (PaaS) and data storage solution. This integrated approach provides developers with instant storage as a service for custom applications that delivers immediate storage availability, accelerates application ...
Jun 23, 2015vSphere 5 on NetApp MetroCluster Solution | TR-4128Technical Report
This technical report provides an insight into the NetApp® MetroCluster™ solution for VMware vSphere 6.0 or later. It provides advanced details for implementing NetApp’s business continuity and disaster recovery solution, MetroCluster, with VMware’s industry-leading virtual infrastructure ...
Jun 22, 2015TR-4063: Parallel Network File System Configuration and Best Practices for ...Technical Report
This document provides an overview of Parallel Network File System (pNFS) as well as configuration examples for NetApp® Data ONTAP® operating in clustered Data ONTAP. The document also provides step-by-step product-specific instructions by adhering to product-specific best practices, use cases ...
Jun 22, 2015NDMP in Clustered Data ONTAP for Tape Backup Software Applications | TR-4376Technical Report
The Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) developed by NetApp is used for controlling backup services to NAS devices. NDMP allows data to be transferred between storage devices and backup targets and reduces the load on the backup server. With NDMP, network file servers can communicate directly...
Jun 22, 2015SANtricity Remote Mirroring for NetApp E-SeriesDatasheet
Whether you mirror data around the corner or across the globe, SANtricity Remote Mirroring provides disaster recovery protection for your most critical data in the event of an outage. It replicates data efficiently for various business application purposes such as development and test operations ...
Jun 22, 2015OnCommand Shift Best Practices GuideTechnical Report
NetApp® OnCommand® Shift allows you to quickly migrate virtual machines (VMs) from VMware ESXi to Microsoft Hyper-V and back. This document presents an overview of the components and features of OnCommand Shift and also provides best practices for installing, configuring, and using this application.
Jun 19, 2015TR-4103: IT as a Service Storage Automation Using NetApp OnCommand Workflow ...Technical Report
NetApp® OnCommand® Workflow Automation (WFA) helps standardize IT administration tasks related to NetApp shared storage and publishes these tasks as workflows for enterprise orchestration tools.
Jun 19, 2015Best Practices for SnapProtect Backup for Oracle RAC Solution | TR-4432Technical Report
TR-4432 describes NetApp® SnapProtect® with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and other Oracle solutions, and it explains key features of NetApp Snapshot® backup and recovery for Oracle RAC by using NetApp technologies such as NetApp SnapVault® and NetApp SnapMirror® within NetApp Data ONTAP®.
Jun 17, 2015TR-4431: Microsoft SharePoint and SnapManager 8.2 for SharePoint Best ...Technical Report
This document discusses the planning considerations and best practices for deploying Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 on NetApp® storage systems. It also covers the best practices for the NetApp enterprise data management solution for SharePoint, which is called NetApp ...
Results 1 - 10 of 1804