Media Content Management

NetApp Media Content Management solution offers high-bandwidth and high-capacity storage for media facilities.

NetApp® Media Content Management solution can help you streamline your workflows and monetize content, from creation to distribution. You can configure our Media Content Management solution for any size operation, from corporate media and local broadcast news to 4K film post-production and large cable and internet delivery services. 
For each step in your operations—ingest, manage, produce, process, deliver, and archive—you can configure the solution’s flexible components to optimize capacity, bandwidth, and IOPS:
  • Choose the NetApp E5460 system for  large environments or consolidated workflows
  • Choose the 2RU E5424 system for process-intensive workflows
  • For flexibiliavty, choose multiple E2612 enclosures for your small workgroups or for specific workflow stages.

Learn more about how the NetApp Media Content Management Solution can help you improve media workflows to accelerate production and delivery of new content. Contact your local NetApp or partner sales representative today.