NetApp Provisioning Manager speeds provisioning, boosts efficiency, and reduces costs through policy-based automation.

NetApp® Provisioning Manager software makes it faster and easier to create new NetApp data storage resources while improving capacity management of existing resources.

Storage administrators can use Provisioning Manager policy-based automation to:

  • Speed provisioning workflows.
  • Boost capacity utilization.
  • Improve data availability.
  • Enhance compliance with storage provisioning with policies.
  • Reduce the risk of data loss due to misconfigured storage.
  • Apply user-defined policies to consistently select the appropriate resources for each provisioning activity.
  • Spend less time searching for available space to provision, allowing more time for strategic issues.
  • Monitor the status of provisioned storage resources from a centralized console.
  • Apply thin provisioning and deduplication across all NetApp SAN and NAS storage protocols.

Provisioning Manager helps you optimize your storage efficiency and capacity utilization, shrink provisioning time and costs, and increase administrator productivity—so you can store more data and achieve greater business agility.

Learn more about how NetApp Provisioning Manager (PDF) can automate your data storage provisioning for greater IT efficiency.