NetApp’s agile data infrastructure allows businesses to infinitely scale their storage, respond faster to business and enable nondisruptive operations

NetApp and its partners make IT intelligent, immortal, and infinite so customers can drive greater business velocity

Sydney, Australia - June 21, 2012 - NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP), in collaboration with its partners, has introduced a transformative new way for customers to make agile IT a reality. Agile data infrastructure enables the removal of the complexity, cost, and inefficiencies of decade-old IT approaches to better respond to changing business requirements today and in the future.

Agile data infrastructure builds on the recent release of NetApp's latest Data ONTAP® software, the industry's largest installed storage operating system, as well as years of storage efficiency and innovation. With greater productivity andnondisruptive operations, agile data infrastructure helps businesses grow without limits.

Peter O'Connor, vice president and managing director, NetApp Australia and New Zealand, said, "Agility is becoming ever more central to business success, and the increasing volume of data and speed of business require the CIO to make critical decisions about IT infrastructure to cope with a dynamic business environment. Together with our partners, NetApp is at the forefront of enabling IT transformation with Data ONTAP, which now combines the richest and most sophisticated data management platform with the architectural capabilities of clustering."

Agile data infrastructure is a single infrastructure that evolves as the business grows and service levels change over time. By combining rich data management with the architectural advantages of clustering, customers can make IT intelligent, immortal, and infinite.

  • Intelligent Data Management: Data storage can be intelligent and self-aware to deliver an immediate response to rapidly changing business requirements.
  • Immortal Operations: Data needs a lifespan stretching beyond the individual components of the infrastructure to deliver nondisruptive operations and maintain data accessibility 24/7.
  • Infinite Scalability: Customers can grow their business knowing their storage performance, capacity, and operational scalability will keep pace indefinitely, keeping investments and capabilities on track with their business.
  • Read what partners say about the need for agility

    Giuliano Di Vitantonio, Vice President of Marketing, Cisco

    "As our customers look for ways to better capitalise on new business opportunities and deliver innovative products and services to market ahead of their competitors, they need an agile compute, network and storage data platform. Together with partners like NetApp, we are delivering integrated solutions that reduce infrastructure complexity while increasing their business agility."

    Gary Green, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware
    "Together with NetApp, we share a vision for delivering business agility to our customers, allowing them to be more responsive to new opportunities while working with our joint channel partners to deliver solutions that are simple, efficient and flexible. NetApp clustering technology with VMware cloud infrastructure creates a compelling and agile data infrastructure that can deliver value quickly, enabling efficient and flexible IT services to drive business growth."

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