Solution for Infrastructure as a Service

NetApp data storage solutions enable service providers to achieve rapid deployment of infrastructure as a service.

The NetApp® storage platform helps you build and deploy infrastructure services fast, with low cost and predictable service levels.

Increase your provisioning pace using our space-efficient, writable clones, called FlexClone® volumes. Based on Snapshot™ copies, FlexClone volumes make data available to applications and users within minutes. And FlexClone volumes enable provisioning of new services with little to no impact on existing environments.

You can also provision shared storage from popular third-party or homegrown service management tools, through our Open APIs and SDK–to manage the complete service infrastructure stack with greater efficiency, thus lowering your cost of goods sold.

NetApp helps you keep your customers’ infrastructure services always on, with built-in data protection that delivers quick backup, high availability, disaster recovery, security, and compliance, reducing the risk of downtime and data storage loss.

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