Defense and Intelligence Agencies

Intelligence and defense agencies trust NetApp data storage solutions to protect and manage mission-critical data.

Big Data

Defense and intelligence agencies must manage, analyze, and secure an explosion of big data. NetApp innovative technologies offer flexible and efficient IT that breaks down information silos and converts data into actionable intelligence.

Data Center

Data Center solutions from NetApp can help defense and intelligence agencies meet federal consolidation mandates, improve performance, increase efficiency, and lower costs. NetApp solutions can help government entities keep mission-critical data safely available to those who need it.


Cloud computing enables a service delivery model that lets defense and intelligence agencies automate processes, meter usage, and create showback or chargeback models. NetApp solutions let you efficiently deliver secure and cost-effective Infrastructure as a Service to your users.


Desktop virtualization software allows defense and intelligence agencies to deploy and manage desktop environments and applications centrally – delivering a consistent interface that meets stringent security requirements.


Organizations and agencies must balance the need to allow access to their data with the need to protect that data from attackers. NetApp takes a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity by providing technologies and solutions that enable agency data to be protected and trusted, while still remaining accessible.