Recover Oracle data in seconds. Meet backup windows with ease. And do it for less than traditional backup solutions.

Realize the higher availability you need from your Oracle® environment using NetApp® data management software. 

NetApp Snapshot™ technology lets you create fast, space-efficient, point-in-time copies of your Oracle data. Using NetApp SnapRestore® capability, you can revert a failed database to a saved Snapshot copy in a matter of seconds—with no data movement. And, recover data leveraging NetApp Snapshot copies with your existing Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) software.

Your DBAs can be more productive using SnapManager® for Oracle, which builds on the capabilities of NetApp Snapshot and SnapRestore technologies. It also integrates with native Oracle technologies (Direct NFS client, RAC, ASM, and RMAN) to streamline backups and reduce—from hours to minutes—the time to recover Oracle databases.

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