NetApp Certified Storage Associate (NCSA)

NetApp Certified Storage Associates demonstrate a basic understanding of NetApp storage systems and Data ONTAP administration and management solutions. They understand the features and functions of 7-Mode and clustered Data ONTAP, and are able to perform basic administration of NetApp storage controllers running the Data ONTAP® operating system in NFS and Windows® (CIFS) multiprotocol environments.

NCSA Requirements

NCSA is the foundational NetApp certification. The training listed below will prepare you for the NCSA exam. Though the NCSA is an entry-level storage administration certification, it is a rigorous exam that will test your knowledge of the storage industry and specific features and functions of NetApp solutions. If you do not have at least 2 years of experience with NetApp storage, we strongly recommend you take the training before you take the exam to ensure your success.

For qualified academic institutions we offer a fully web-based version of the courses and labs – for more information, visit our Academic Alliances site.

Logos and certificates will be granted to those individuals who successfully pass the NS0-145 exam.

Recommended preparation:

NetApp Certified Storage Associate
Storage Fundamentals (WBT) Enroll      
Virtualization Technology Fundamentals (WBT) Enroll      
Data Networks Fundamentals (WBT) Enroll      
Cloud Fundamentals (WBT) Enroll      
Flash Fundamentals (WBT) Enroll      
Introduction to NetApp Products (WBT) Enroll      
Data ONTAP 7-Mode Fundamentals (WBT) Enroll
Basic NetApp Configuration and Administration (ILT) Enroll
Clustered Data ONTAP Fundamentals (WBT) Enroll
SAN Fundamentals on Data ONTAP (WBT) Enroll

Note: To enroll in NetApp University training courses, you will need a NetApp Support Site account. Create a NetApp Support Site account.

Register for This Certification Exam
Registration and administration for NetApp certification exams are handled by a third-party testing company. Register now for this certification exam. If you are a student, and applying for this program through your academic institution, please visit our Academic Alliances site for additional information on the program and how to enroll.

Additional Resources

  • Review the study guide for NS0-145 PDF.
  • View the Frequently Asked Questions for NS0-145
  • Take the practice test for NS0-145.
  • Study NetApp product descriptions.
  • Visit the NetApp Library to review technical manuals, white papers, knowledge base articles, and other relevant information about our products.
  • See the NetApp University Learning Map for a complete list of NetApp University training courses.
  • Have a question? Contact us.