Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Deploy NetApp NAS storage with the NFS protocol for your challenging technical and business applications.

To cope with relentless data growth, you need scalable, easy-to-manage storage solutions. NetApp® storage systems are optimized for a variety of applications and can scale to over 69 petabytes with a single volume of up to 20 petabytes.

NetApp NAS storage solutions support a variety of NAS connectivity protocols, so you can use them for critical applications such as databases, technical applications, and virtualization. We support multiple NFS versions, including NFS v3, v4, v4.1, and pNFS.

It's easy to integrate NetApp products into your existing services, which reduces time to deployment. Scale with ease and add storage clustering capabilities with the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP® operating system.

We are an innovator in NAS storage and NFS advancements. NetApp pioneered NFS standards to advance file-based storage access in UNIX/Linux environments, and we were first to market with pNFS support for NAS. Our NAS storage solutions come with the assurance that our products have been tested against the leading NFS RFC standards.