NetApp SnapMirror Data Replication

Turn disaster recovery into a business accelerator. NetApp SnapMirror data replication gets you back to business fast.

NetApp® SnapMirror® technology provides fast, efficient data replication and disaster recovery (DR) for your critical data.

Use a single solution across all NetApp storage arrays and protocols. SnapMirror technology works with any application, in both virtual and traditional environments, and in multiple configurations, including hybrid cloud.

Tune SnapMirror technology to meet recovery-point objectives ranging from minutes to hours. Failover to a specific point in time in the DR copy to recover at once from mirrored data corruption.

Cost-effective SnapMirror capabilities include:

  • Network compression to reduce bandwidth utilisation
  • Accelerated data transfers to lower RPO
  • A single repository for both the active mirror and prior backup copies to enable selective failover points

Use with FlexClone® volumes to create instantaneous, space-efficient copies of replicated data. Perform DR testing, business intelligence, and development and test without business interruptions.