Optimize virtual infrastructure environments for performance, efficiency, and cost.

Maximize VM Consolidation
Virtualization projects promise to maximize server resources through a high compression of servers. But such VM deployments often yield a dramatic increase in storage costs that can erase the reward of server consolidation.

We can help you overcome these challenges and maximize the economic benefit of virtualization technology, whether it's being deployed in an all-NetApp® or a heterogeneous storage environment.

Gain cross-domain visibility from the VM to the volume to better understand how storage is allocated to VMs and more accurately forecast, plan, and charge back for storage. With SANscreen® VM Insight, you can consolidate with confidence thanks to near-real-time, service-level information on CPU, memory, I/O, network bandwidth, SAN bandwidth, and array performance.

Our plug-in for VirtualCenter integrates storage information directly into VirtualCenter, enabling your VM administrators to better monitor the storage aspects of their virtualized environment and communicate with the storage team for added flexibility.

Using this data, you can control storage costs by deploying and maintaining the correct ratio of VMs per physical server without compromising performance to safely increase server compression ratios.

Storage Utilization Effect
Your virtual servers might deliver higher CPU usage and other benefits. But they can also introduce risks. Without systematic monitoring of the environment, you can experience significant low storage utilization caused by outdated VM images that continue to claim storage space or large LUNs that are improperly allocated to VMs and result in underutilized or unused ("orphaned") storage.

Improve storage utilization with VM Insight's continuous analysis of your environment, automatically identifying orphaned or underutilized storage.

Using VM Insight's cross-domain load-balancing information, you can maximize server and storage utilization and reduce or defer capital expenditures.

Manage the Effect of VM Sprawl on Storage Utilization
It's easy to understand your penchant for VMs. They are quick to deploy and promise to raise server utilization to new levels. But unless the VM team systemically goes back to delete volumes of disabled VMs, the storage space is consumed. VM sprawl has the potential to increase storage consumption by an order of magnitude.

With our SANscreen VM Insight solution, you can prevent VM sprawl from wiping out your server consolidation savings because of spiraling storage costs.

You can manage the effect of VM sprawl on storage utilization by uncovering and reclaiming “orphaned” or unused volumes of storage, improve storage utilization by identifying idle VMs that no longer require allocated space, and defer capital expenses by reallocating unused or underused storage capacity.

To learn more about our SANscreen proof-of-concept program and see why 30% of the Fortune 50 rely on SANscreen, contact your local NetApp SANscreen representative.