A key component to sustainability is the conservation of natural resources to ensure a clean planet, water, and air for future generations. Most IT organizations are experiencing exponential data growth leading to greater storage needs. The traditional approach of adding more disks and storage systems satisfies demand, but also leads to a proportional increase in power, cooling, and space requirements that eventually stress data center limits. We fight power consumption with a simple equation – subtract machines and disks, thereby lowering people, support, space, and service costs. Our Eight-point strategy for reducing storage power consumption uses technology to halt power consumption and growth at its source by incorporating the Ten NetApp Techniques for improving data center power efficiency.

We’re proud to enable our customers to meet their sustainability goals and green IT objectives. Last year we ranked number 3 on the list of Computerworld’s Top 12 Green IT Vendors , demonstrating that we take our commitment seriously. In fact, the story of Affordable Internet Service Offerings (AISO) and how they gained projected savings of US$4.6M from implementing a NetApp virtualization solution is a perfect example of our corporate impact on green IT objectives.

Most storage vendors reduce power consumption by consolidating data onto fewer systems with high-capacity hard disk drives. Our approach goes well beyond consolidation by applying proprietary technology–FlexVol®, FlexClone®, Snapshot™, and deduplication–to dramatically increase storage utilization. Oliver Wyman (formerly Mercer Management Consulting) quantifies the benefits of using efficient storage in the white paper "Making Green IT a Reality: Customer Perspectives on the Impact of Storage Vendor Decisions on Power, Cooling, and Space in Enterprise Data Centers" (PDF). We’ve also got our own NetApp IT Success Story based on our energy efficient products.

We realize that green IT is not just about power consumption but also about providing solutions that are designed, produced, used, and disposed of consistent with our Supplier Responsibility Program and environmental certifications . We have long encouraged system recycling and, with a diversion rate above 99%, have diverted millions of pounds of expired equipment from landfills. Based on our commitment and performance in recycling and repurposing, our product return program received The California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC) Infinity Arrow Award for product service and take-back consistent with best practices in environmental conservation and sustainability.